We partner with companies that use big data to create a sustainable society.

About partnership

We partner with companies that are creating a useful and sustainable society through the use of Big Data.

Big Data Net brings together the wisdom of the data science to provide a support for digital transformation to our partner companies and organisations.



Business planning support and PoC assistance

We assist you creating a new business ideas with the use of Big Data. Providing Proof of concept (PoC) to ensure the viability of our proposals.

Technical development service with artificial intelligence

We help you to materialise your AI solution and to implement it in your existing system or improve your existing AI system.

Big data analytics

We discover the quality of your systems through Big Data, powering your logical decisions and optimise your operations.

Advisory service

We provide research and advisory services on any areas related to Big Data and AI.

2. Process

I. Consultation

We provide paid consultancy on our partners' issues and technologies, share our reviews and propose solutions.

II. Proposal

If we find a solution path that we can offer, we will propose it to you, by confirming the specific support to be provided and the cost and its schedule.

III. Execution

If you are satisfied with our proposal, we will implement the solution. We will contact our partners on a regular basis to update them on progress and answer any questions they may have.

IV. Final Sign-off

We complete the project by ensuring that the results of the implementation are in line with initial proposal.